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BGP History


started seismic data acquisition with 15 crews.


BGP was formally named, grew to 38 crews and built the first data processing center in China, with the China-made digital computer DJ-150.


BGP began to cooperate with WGC and CGG, by introducing advanced western technology, in terms of computer hardware, software and seismic data processing techniques.


BGP successfully developed and released its copyrighted seismic data processing system GRISYS, widely used in China and some other countries.


BGP subcontracted seismic acquisition projects from BP, AGIP and JNOC in western China, and won bids in Ecuador, indicating that BGP became a new but active player in the international arena.


BGP respectively released its copyrighted acquisition systems named KLSeis, which, along with GRISYS, have strongly supported BGP’s international operations.


BGP merged with other six small geophysical companies under CNPC, thus greatly extending its capabilities, resources and competitiveness.


BGP became the largest land and shallow water contractor in the world, with its overseas revenue increased at the rate of 50% per year over the past four years.


BGP released GeoEast V1., an integrated processing and interpretation software system.


BGP launched its first OBC cable handling vessel - the BGP DONG FANG KAN TAN NO. 2, its first 2D streamer vessel - the BGP DONG FANG KAN TAN NO.1, and its first 3D streamer vessel - the BGP Pioneer.


BGP merged Liaohe Geophysical Exploration Company, a local geophysical company under CNPC.

A new member R/V BGP Challenger joined BGP fleet. 


A signing ceremony was held in Beijing by both BGP and ION to formally announce successful establishment of INOVA, a land seismic equipment joint venture.

A new member of BGP’s Fleet, the BGP Explorer, launched in Tanggu, China


BGP announced the release of GeoEast-Lightning, a pre-stack depth migration and model building software system.

BGP-PROSPECTOR – a 12 streamer Vessel was launched.


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