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Wherever BGP operates, we endeavor to understand local environmental sensitivities and plan our activities accordingly. This requires detailed attention to environmental issues and impacts in order to minimize the company's environmental footprint. An indispensible part of operation planning is to identify environmental risks and implement strategies to reduce potential impacts. This may involve baseline environmental studies, formal or informal environmental impact assessments and attendant protection plans, depending on the local environmental setting and sensitivities.

BGP carefully plans all projects to reduce environmental impact. The best way to begin planning a seismic survey is to understand the need of all interested parties, including local inhabitants, clients, government and regulatory bodies, nongovernmental organizations and so on. We conduct preliminary scouting investigations into potential survey areas before bidding, to identify obstacles and difficulties. The survey plan has to meet geophysical as well as environmental protection objectives.

Crew 8615B shift the seismic line to protect bird's nest

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