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This policy is designed to focus on key aspects to achieve “ZERO” incident goal, and is based on the belief that all transport incidents are preventable.

To achieve this goal, BGP International will:
• Conduct transport activities in compliance with all relevant local, national and contract requirements.

• Assign transportation accountability and responsibility to line managers at all levels of the organization.

• Implement comprehensive selection process for drivers to ensure they are qualified and competent.

• Provide required professional training to all drivers, if needed.

• Acquire as appropriate transport assets, facilities and equipment that meet BGP International, contract requirements, and relevant international standards.

• Maintain all transport assets, facilities and equipment in safe operating conditions.

• Install required safety devices for vehicles and vessels according to applicable industry, governmental and contract requirements.

• Implement and monitor a project-specific journey management system at all locations.

• Apply BGP International or relevant international transportation standards if national or local regulations do not exist.

• Adopt best practices to reduce fuel consumption and to lower air emissions.




Zhai Lixln
BGP International

1st March 2016


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