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This policy applies to all employees, visitors, contracted personnel and associates involved in BGP International operations.

The use of alcohol, drugs or some prescription medicines may result in apparent uncontrolled behavior, as recognized by medical professionals that even a low dose could significantly impair the judgment and coordination required to perform normal duties. Hence, ZERO TOLERANCE is enforced for use of illegal drug, as stipulated in the country where we operate or directed by BGP International medical doctor, or alcohol consumption in all BGP International operations. No personnel are allowed to operate any equipment or perform any duties while impaired by the use of such substances.

Individual using prescribed over-the-counter medication in therapeutic doses is permitted only with the approval of crew doctor as well as the consent of his/her immediate supervisor, and only if it does not impair his/her ability to safely perform required duties.

Additionally, all sale, distribution, or possession of non-prescription illegal drugs, narcotics or other intoxicating items is completely prohibited by BGP International.

BGP International management reserves the right to conduct random searches and/or testing at any time to ensure compliance with this policy. Personnel found violating this policy will be subject to severe disciplinary action up to and including termination.



Zhai Lixln
BGP International

1st March 2016


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