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Smoking has been directly linked to the endangerment of personal health as well as a potential safety hazard. Careless smoking is a major cause of fires. Hence, BGP International is committed to protecting all employees from the unnecessary exposure to smoking hazards.

The following rules shall be enforced for all employees, visitors and contracted personnel, and they apply to all BGP International facilities, including land and marine operations:

•The smoking of cigarettes, cigars, pipes and similar substance is prohibited inside the BGP International building, offices, conference/meeting rooms, etc. However, a smoking area may be designated within the above premises if permitted by management;

• Smoking is prohibited onboard all vessel operations except in designated area;

• All smoking and non-smoking areas must be identified with proper indicating signs posted;

• For all land operations, smoking is prohibited in fuel dumps/barges, workshops, stores, kitchens, mess rooms, tents, explosive and detonator magazines, vicinity of LPG bottle storage, driving cab and battery charging areas;

• In addition, “No Smoking” will be enforced in or near a vehicle/boat/helicopter during refueling, or when flammable substances or hazardous materials are being handled or transported;

• Cigarette and cigar ends must be completely extinguished and disposed of in the proper manner as not to pose a safety or fire hazard.




Zhai Lixln
BGP International

1st March 2016


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