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BGP International is committed, with appropriate support from client and local government, to provide security support and conduct its operations with minimum risk to all personnel and company assets.

BGP International always abides by local laws and regulations with regards to the use of firearms.

BGP International management in the country of operations must ensure that security issues are properly addressed by implementing a country/project-specific security management system including at least the following:

• Identifying and evaluating threats, vulnerabilities and risks to company personnel and assets.

• Planning and implementing security measures, which are commensurate to the predicted level of threat.

• Establishing requirements for use of firearms and rules of engagement; not using firearms, nor request its use to suppress peaceful demonstrations in the communities, even if operational activities are disrupted.

• Establishing a security and emergency plan to minimize the risk to personnel and potential damage to company assets.

• Training on best security practices to all employees, sub-contractors and security personnel.

• Monitoring security measures for continuous improvements as well as reviewing of incidents for immediate corrective measures.

• Adopting a “No Resistance” policy under apparent threats to life.

• Liaison with law enforcement agencies, governments and to encourage peaceful co-operation with local communities.

Every worker has a responsibility to observe the security principles and procedures established by BGP International.



Zhai Lixln
BGP International

1st March 2016


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