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This policy, in conjunction with the transportation policy, is applicable to all BGP International organizations/locations, to minimize the risks of driving and to ensure a uniform standard for this operation.

• Only BGP International approved drivers are allowed to drive.

• All drivers must receive BGP International required training.

• All BGP International employees and contractors must wear seat belts at all times when driving or riding a company-owned or leased vehicle.

• Each driver must ensure that all passengers in the vehicle have their seat belts on before starting a vehicle.

• Driver shall not use or respond to a mobile phone/two-way radio while driving.

• Only BGP International approved vehicles will be used. Vehicles used for worker transport will have passenger capacity and speed limit marked conspicuously on the vehicles.

•All BGP International approved vehicles shall have an IVMS system that complies with a specific journey management plan.



Zhai Lixln
BGP International

1st March 2016


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