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Equipment Manufacturing

BGP attaches great importance to the R&D of seismic equipment, which enables its seismic crews to undertake any task in a wide variety of surface conditions in the world, using its copyrighted and state-of-the-art technologies.

The geophysical equipment products made by BGP include vibrators, seismic data recording systems, drilling rigs, desert vehicles and swamp transportation tools. The expertise of our specialists along with R&D and operation experiences all contribute to optimal seismic equipment solutions for our clients.

KZ-34, a P-Wave Seismic Vibrator

KZ-28, a vibrator with 62,000 lbs force output

HY-80A, a new portable rig

Model D15, a heavy-duty vehicle

S11, a swamp buggy

ZJ-200, a multi-function drill

SN7C, a phone

HYD-2, a hydrophone

BPS, an OBC positioning system
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