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GeoEast-Lightning is a newly developed wave-equation based pre-stack depth imaging software package. It includes 2D/3D one-way wave-equation migration and reverse-time migration (RTM) for VTI, TTI media as well as isotropic media.

Wave-equation migrations overcome the difficulties that conventional Kirchhoff migration suffers when the seismic wavefields become multi pathing because of the presence of complexities of velocity model. Based on the full acoustic wave equation, RTM fully respects the physics of wave phenomenon in acoustic media and honors not only the primary reflections but also turning waves, prism waves, and other waves with complex paths. Since RTM is implemented in the space-time domain it naturally simulates wave propagation in heterogeneous velocity models as well as anisotropic media such as those of VTI and TTI, thus making it possible to image most complex subsurface structures such as salt domes and steeply dipping thrusts in the presence of strong vertical and horizontal variations of medium properties. In our implementation, the source energy and receive signals are injected into the model at their positions with recorded elevations to facilitate both marine and land seismic imaging.

Comparison — Kirchhoff and RTM

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